About us

Reeve Business Development was started in 2013 to assist companies in growing opportunities within the Australian market.  To date, we have worked with a broad spectrum of service based clients and technology companies.  Our 20 years of business and sales experience spans a wide range of industries. These include Electrical & Automation, ITC, Green Energy Solutions, Power Generation, Water Remediation, SaaS and IoT.

Our service not only assists in finding the right technology fit for industry, but offers both domestic and international clients a flexible low risk service to develop markets within Australian.

Peter Reeve | Managing Director

Peter is the founder of RBD and works actively with clients on a personal basis.  His background is in Computer Science, and he has held senior positions within the IT, Electrical & Automation, Communications Connectivity and Technology sectors.

Peter has worked with a large number of industrial clients throughout Australia and established professional relationships in the Telco, Rail, Mining, Oil and Gas, and Food and Beverage sectors.