Epiphany Water Solutions - Master Sales Agent Australia

Epiphany Solar water solutions have designed and manufactured the world's first solar powered water purification system.

The concept behind Epiphany Solar Water Systems (SWS) began in 2005 when Tom Joseph and Henry Wandrie first conceived of a simple and inexpensive method of distilling water with concentrated solar energy.

Epiphany’s patent pending technology uses a combination of concentrated solar power (CSP) and natural gas to run its distillation unit (E5H). Epiphany’s crystallizing distiller technology purifies Produced Water by removing all solids from hyper-saline brine, yielding crystalline salt and ultra-pure distilled water.

Every aspect of Epiphany’s technology, from their solar concentrators, to their thermal management systems, to the distillation units, has been specifically designed to be modular in nature. This makes the technology easily scalable so that it can serve the water needs of individual households, buildings, small villages, and entire communities alike.

CoastalCOMS - Business Development Advisor

CoastalCOMS is an Australian provider of hosted, managed services delivering a total solution for specialized video content analytics and environmental monitoring via public and private cloud architectures. They deliver sensors correlated to video via Milestone’s XProtect functionality and our global Partner Network to a growing list of government and private customers in Australia and the USA. For single site single cameras, all the way up to large geographically distributed, complex internetworked surveillance challenges – they provide virtualized video analytics software solutions.

J&T Mechanical Installation - Business Development Advisor

J &T Mechanical Installation specialise in all types of mechanical plant installation, and light to medium metal fabrication projects.

They have substantial experience working within the process industries, and provide mechanical contracting services to the following sectors: Oil & Gas, Mining, Petro Chemical, Food & Beverage, Water, Pharmaceutical and Green Energy.